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This Monday evening Bina is bored walking around in my hotel room, flipping through magazines, while I'm watching TV. Although she asked, I don't want to go out because there is no action on a Monday, and after all I already have a girl, right. She starts to suck me hard with that tight mouth of hers. From that moment on it's nothing but pure sweaty African sex. At times she looks in pain when I push my big dick fast and hard balls deep in her African pussy. But she's a real trooper and let's me cum on her face.

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During an afternoon walk I ran into three young 18-20yo African teen girls in the street. They had been drinking since noon. Nana was the cutest and also had the biggest tits, so I took her to my hotel room while her friends were waiting outside. However it didn't take too long until her beer breath turned me off. She might be young but not unexperienced, because she started munching my dirty asshole in no time.

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